Multichannel Retailing

How to Use the Multi Channel Selling Platform Right: 8 Great Tips for Multichannel Retailing

Using your multi channel selling platform the right way is really important! Here are a few great tips for multichannel retailing to keep in mind!

Multi channel retailing is an effective marketing strategy that offers your potential buyers a choice or different ways to purchase your products. An effective multi channel strategy covers purchases from a website, from a store, mail orders, telephone ordering, catalog ordering, interactive television, and comparison shopping websites. The purpose of multi channel retailing is to increase revenue and boost loyalty by offering your potential customers a choice.

Multichannel Selling Effectiveness

Using your multi channel strategy, and well as your multi channel selling platform the right way is really important if you want to accomplish the ultimate goal – increased sales. We have great tips for you to keep in mind:

  • You should always have a complete stock visibility. Nothing is more important than the ability to see what is in stock and where exactly it is.
  • You should always be clear on the customer proposition to make sure all the processes are focused on accomplishing the right goals. The retail proposition, support services, product quality, and brand identity of the retailer should always be consistent across each channel.
  • Promote click and collect. This will help you gain more value from your customers and potential buyers, however, you should keep in mind that it requires physical channel integration.
  • Built partnerships across the supply chain so you can make the process easier to execute.
  • It is really important to prioritize planning and forecasting. The experts are suggesting to choose IT systems which support budgeting, planning, and forecasting.
  • You need to keep all similar stock together. You shouldn’t split items into channels as it deforms visibility of stock levels and decreases agility. In the past, all items arrived at a warehouse from where they were allocated to high street shops, however, today, the sales across the channels must be fulfilled by one stock pool.
  • You should make sure that an order is always fulfilled as one delivery, regardless of how many items it has. Remember one order = one delivery. It is way cheaper and way better for the customer.
  • Maintain price consistency – Prices should always be kept consistent unless your goal is to drive your potential buyers from one channel to another.

Do you like our tips? Do you know some other tips you would like to share with us!